The School District of Princeton in partnership with its youth, families, and communities will challenge our students to become life-long learners in order to thrive in a dynamic and diverse society, by:

        *    Setting high expectations for all aspects of the individual learner.
        *    Providing the necessary resources for a quality education, and respecting each individual's uniqueness
              in a nurturing and safe environment.


We believe that:
        *    High expectations are necessary for student success.
        *    Families, schools and community must share educational responsibility with the student.
        *    Each person has genuine worth.
        *    Addressing a student's emotional and physical needs is critical to student success.
        *    All people are capable of learning.
        *    It is important that students have the opportunity to explore and experience new concepts and be
              able to thrive in a changing world.
        *    Society benefits from well-educated citizens.
        *    Learning is a life-long process.
        *    All people learn in different ways and at different rates.
        *    Each person has the potential to make a positive contribution to society.
        *    Humor and joy enrich educational life experiences.
        *    Cultural diversity enriches society.